March 2005 BSDC Newletter


How is everyone surviving this typically unpredictable Ohio winter?   Enough with with the white stuff!  I am biding my time, just waiting for the green  to come back.  The horses are probably getting tired of being inside, too.  Just like always, this too will pass.

Due to my vacation in Florida, I was unable to attend the February board meeting, as well as the meeting at Trinity.  Notes for the meetings were taken by our beloved secretary, Julie Emmons.  Thank you again, Julie.


President, Roger Higgins, Jr. opened the meeting on February 13th, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Findlay.  He gave a special thanks to members John and Sara Hunter for reserving the church for our winter meetings.  He also thanked secretary, Angie Hohenbrink for the entertaining videos.

 One of the topics covered on Sunday was the upcoming clinic in April.  Topics planned to be covered include: hitching, horse health and hands-on driving.  Also to be covered are taking care of your carriage, greasing wheels and checking it's over all appearance.  Complete details such as where and when will follow next month as I get the information.  Members, spread the word about the clinic, make a few calls and bring a friend or two!

 Our secretary, Angie Hohenbrink, will be sending out newsletters in March.  It will be a reminder to those who have yet to pay their dues for the year.  Also, she will include anything of interest that you have for sale, so call her ASAP  if you would like anything included. (419) 274-1122  Gary and Connie Gillfillan have a llama harness for sale.  Call them if anyone is interested.

 Happy Birthday to member Al Hohenbrink; twenty-nine again?

 Members have been busy going places and meeting people of interest lately!  Secretary, Julie Emmons, and treasurer, Angie Hohenbrink, went to the CAA Learning Weekend at Gloria Austin's in Florida. Some of the topics covered were carriage balance, lamp styling, harness cleaning, making a collar, and how carriages are judged and preparing them for the carriage showcase.

President, Roger Higgins Jr., Roger Higgins Sr., Darleen Higgins and Secretary Julie Emmons, along with Mary Ann and Travis Emmons attended the sleigh rally in Chautauqua, NY on February 5&6.  Members Roger and Sue Murray also attended, bringing a sleigh that was pulled by a friend's horse from the Western Reserve Club.

 Attention!  Connie and Gary Gillfillan are taking orders now for decals for your trailer or windows with the BSDC logo.  Please contact them ASAP to place an order.

 Corrections!  Last month I made a couple of boo-boos. The Corn Huskers drive, hosted by John and Sara Hunter will be held in Upper Sandusky.  Also, the Sauder Village drive, hosted by Henry ZumFelde, will be held on September 10, 2005.

 The following is a list of tentative dates for this year. If you have any to add please do so at the next meeting or call me. More details will follow as I receive them.

Shaplers - no date set

Angie Hohenbrink- possible Father's Day

Roger Higgins, Jr. and family - Amish drive 

John and Sara Hunter - Cornhuskers State competition in Upper Sandusky

Henry ZumFelde - Sauder Village September 10 - possible overnight drive

Charlie Poppie - Lexington KY Horse Park Carriage Round Up June 3,4,5

Driving Digest - Lexington KY Horse Park October 6,7,8


Other dates of interest are:

April Clinic - no date set

Mid-Ohio Carriage & Draft sale at Mt. Hope - March 8-12

Topeka, Indiana Carriage and Livestock auction - March 15-18


The next board meeting will be at 6pm held on March 12th at: (spouses welcome)

 MJ Mugsys

123 W. Wyandot Ave.

Upper Sandusky, Ohio

March 13 is the last  at the Trinity Church, Findlay.  I hope to see you all there.  Your presence is valuable.