Hello Everyone from the Black Swamp Driving Club.  It’s that time of year to gear up for a busy driving season.  We have a few updates for you and a couple of requests. 


First of all the next time we get together will be at our annual safety meeting on April 30th at the Hancock County Fair Grounds from 2-4:30.  Topics include horse health, horse shoeing, horse equipment, harness and carriage care and a 5th wheel demonstration.  We can proceed with our meeting despite poor weather, so don’t let the rain and/or cold keep you at home.  Please consider inviting a fellow horse enthusiast and flyers are available to pass out to local 4-H and similar organizations by calling Julie Emmons.


The next event will be the Higgins/Emmons Amish Drive May 20th at the Hepburn Coon Hunters Club and the potluck will begin at 12:30.  The exact date for the Roger and Sue Murray Drive is September 17th.  The Emmons/Higgins Parker Bridge Drive will occur in October,  but no exact date as of yet.   The Picnic at Joe Bells house will be in July with no horses just food, carriages and fun.  Please bring your favorite carriage to show as they will host a carriage show and there will be judging on the various displays.  Details will be forthcoming. 


There was a board meeting at Sandy Young’s house on March the 5th.  During this meeting the clinic details and flyers were finalized.  Again, flyers are available through Julie Emmons.  Please help us get the word out on this important and educational event. 


We would like to make a couple of requests.  If you are hosting an event please be sure to send (snail mail) detailed directions and exact times to either Mary or myself.  Please document the information exactly how you would like it to appear in the Article.  We will copy it word for word to ensure accuracy.  We also need everyone to share their ideas concerning where to have our annual meeting.  I would also like to personally thank all of you for sending cards and notes to my daughter Soren.  She really enjoyed getting mail. 


Lastly, we would like to offer a huge “Thank You” to Mariah Mercer from the Findlay Courier for her wonderful article about the club.  We appreciate all your time and effort. 


Safe Driving,

Mary Elliott and Julie Murphy



Caption for picture

Club Officers

(From left to right top row first)

Fred Thompson, Joe Bell, Roger Higgins Jr., Roger Higgins Sr.

Sandy Young, Julie Emmons, Peg Graham