March 2010 BSDC Newsletter

 Spring is in the air. Only a few weeks away. I hope everyone is ready for the
drives to begin. Be sure your horses and carriages are ready and safe for
the road. You don't want any accidents to happen.
 The March meeting was held in Arlington,Oh on February 7th from 2-4pm
at the Good Hope Luthern Church. We talked about all kinds of drives and
have set the dates, so get your calendars ready. There is alot to schedule.
 The Safety Clinic will be April 18th from 2-4pm. This will be at the Hancock
County Fairgrounds in Findlay, Oh. And as I have mentioned before, this
event is FREE! We have many things scheduled to go on. There will be
something for everyone. You will be able to learn carriage and cart safety,
you will learn how to harness your horse or pony up to your vehicle the
safe way. There will be riding and driving safety, shoeing demonstrations,
and a vet will be available to talk about horse health and the importance of
 Here is where your calendars come in: For starters, here is the list of drives
I have available. March 5th and 6th in Sullivan, Oh at Windy Knoll Farms. There
will be an auction and swap meet. Some of us from the club will be attending
this event. If you would like to go let one of us know.
 May 8th the Higgins will be holding a different drive. A hands on drive I am told
in the Amish down around the Kenton/Hepburn area. I can't wait myself. It is
going to be so exciting.
 The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky is going to be June 4th-6th. June 12th
in Upper Sandusky,Oh at the Wyandot County Historical Society will be our
Carriage display drive. You will also be able to tour the museum while you are
 The Parker Bridge drive will be June 27th. Angie and Al's drive at their house
in Hamler, Oh will be either July 17th or 18th. I will have to let you know at a later
date the definate date on this one. But at least it is giving you a heads up.
 August 22nd will be the Backstreet Days drive in Findlay, Oh at the Hancock
County Historical Society. September 12th will be the Shapler's drive. September
26th will be the Murray's drive in Tiffin, Oh at the Coonhunter's Club. Boy this is
a nice drive. You should really try to go to this one. October will be the Cornhusker's
at the Wyandot County Fairgrounds. This is a fun event to attend also.
 We would like to welcome our new members to the club. They are: Betty Steiff,
Karen and Brian Taylor, Anita and Tom Phillips, Sharon and Ronald Hayhurst and
Michael and Donna Long.
 I would also like to mention the Arabian Horses that were rescued and are now
being taken care of at the Sandusky County Fairgrounds in Fremont, Oh. They are
in desperate need of help. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated.
They are mostly in need of money to help pay for the vet bills. You can donate feed,
blankets, hay, straw, halters , etc. Please help and lend a hand. They are God's
creatures and someone has to care for them. Some have already been euthanized,
so we want to try to save the rest. It will be a while yet before they can be adopted
out they have to make sure they are healthy and strong enough.
 We would like to send out our condolences to Larry and Sandy Yound and
family for the death of her brother who had a fight with Pancreatic Cancer. We
are thinking of you and our prayers go out to you. I would also like to send out a
get well to Darlene HIggins. She has been going through alot health wise and I wish
her the best and our prayers go out to you and your family. Please get well soon. We
miss you.
 It was also good to see Joann Shapler up and about at our last meeting. She
just had hip surgery. So welcome Joann and get better soon.
 You may also want to check out on the clubs wesite
Angie has set up a library to borrow books about horses and driving. If you borrow
one please try to remember to return it.
 And as always, please if you have any ideas, concerns, interests, or whatever, please
feel free to contact me. We are always up to doing and seeing different things as a club.
Feel free to call me 567-208-3094 or email me through the club's email. I will get back
with you. I check them often.
 Have a good Spring and I'm looking foward to driving.