BSDC March 2012 Newsletter


Happy Spring!!! My goodness, Spring is in the air and the Black Swamp Driving Club is ready to spring into driving! But before we do that I need to back up just a bit and go over a couple of things. I now have a complete list of officers for 2012. They are as follows:

President: Angie Hohenbrink          419-274-1122 or (419-274-6435 cell)
Vice-President: Mary Elliott          419-561-1332
Treasurer: Jackie Minges              419-344-7974
Secretary: Molly Owen                 419-569-6573     
Reporter: Roger Higgins Jr.            740-251-7193
Board Members: Kim Mack, 419-397-2921 and Mark Newman,


Please contact the Board of Directors if you have any issues or questions along the way. The first event the BSDC had was the Maumee Bay Sleigh Festival. There were several of our members that were very active on this event. "Thanks" to Jackie Minges and Angie Hohenbrink for taking the lead from the club. The event was very successful and several states were represented. It took a lot of effort, time, and hard work for this event.

"Thank you" to Mike Minges for an excellent job on designing the new brochures. Its great to have a professional looking brochure that really makes a statement. Thanks for a job well done.

While on this subject, I would like to "Thank" everyone for coming to the meetings, offering their support, and being an active member of the club. It takes ALL of us, not just a few to make the club successful. Sometime this gets overlooked or taken for granted. So "Thanks" everyone,,, and last but not least, "Thanks" to all those great cooks who take time to bring the goodies for the potlucks!

On a more serious note, it is most IMPORTANT that you check your insurance. We had some discussion on this subject at the meeting and it’s a good time to make sure YOU are covered. Take time now to make sure you covered by insurance in case something should go wrong, accidents do happen. Lets be take the time now to avoid an unwanted situation.

We do have some upcoming events, some of these are not confirmed, so please watch your BSDC Newsletter for confirmations. As of this issue we have the following dates:

* Black Swamp Safety Clinic, April 21st or 22nd, time not defined, dates pending, Hancock County Fairgrounds
* Parker Bridge Drive , September 16th, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Hosted by The Emmons Family
* Murray Drive, September 23rd, Tiffin, Ohio, Hosted by Roger and Sue Murray

There are a couple of pending group tours under planning also. Plans are underway for a trip to Martins Auction and a trip to Holmes County May 12th. As stated these trips are in the planning stages so please watch the newsletter or even a phone call.  Roger Higgins Sr. has set up a sleigh ride event in Meeker, Ohio. This will be a last minute thing, so please expect a phone call on this one. It will be held at the Fellowship Hall in Meeker, Ohio. If we have enough snow, and the church doesn't have an event there that day, then we can have that area to sleigh in. It’s a great place. While speaking on the drives, the club now has a form that the host needs to fill out. It gives general information about the drive and will include directions. The forms will be kept on file and those directions will be on record for further use if the drive is repeated.

We do have several thing happening and more to come, so please watch for the next issue!  We extend an invitation to everyone to come and check us out. All are welcome to come to our meetings, contact us for more information.

Until next month, Enjoy!

Roger Higgins Jr. /  Reporter