May 2001 BSDC Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

   Hi everyone.  Welcome to the month of May.  This should be one of those months that everyone looks forward to.  The weather is usually
warm and you really feel like getting outside and doing something constructful.   For some reason things usually gets out of hand for me.   Last fall I told my wife that I wasn't going to start anything new this year.  I was just going to finish all those little jobs that I have gotten started and needed finished up.   As you probably can guess, those little jobs that need finished will have to wait just a little bit longer.  You see, Katie is now in 4-H and needs someplace appropriate to practice in.  This riding area has to look nice since the 4-H club has been invited over to practice whenever they have a practice session. Boy-oh-Boy my back hurts already and I haven't even started digging the postholes yet.  Oh well, what's a father for?   Besides I know a lot of you that are reading this know exactly what I'm talking about.  Well everyone just wish me luck.

   April 1st (no fooling) was our driving clinic held at Fetters Farm east of Lima.  The day started out a little cool and drab but once
inside the warm friendly atmosphere surrounding everyone soon took the chill away.  The coffeepot and snacks did their part in keeping everyone
content also. 

   Joe Bell started things out by welcoming everyone.  The first part of the clinic was conducted by our harness experts, Henry zumFelde and
Angie Hohenbrink.    They did a fantastic job of explaining just about everything about harness.   If they ever wrote a book they would have to
call it the "Everything you need to know about harness, but was afraid to ask." book.    I don't think they left a buckle unbuckled or a strap
left unwrapped.   If they didn't cover something, I don't know what it was.  Great job Henry and Angie.

   The second part of the clinic was on buggy maintenance.  Our pros for this session were our own Mark Newman and Dave Kuhlman.  Mark had
brought two of his buggies and John Hunter loaned his "miniature" fifth wheel for the demonstration.  Topics that were covered ranged from
cleaning and greasing the wheels and fifth wheel, what to check for to make sure your putting a safe buggy on the road, and what to look for
when you are buying a used buggy.  I have to admit this was my favorite part.  It just made me want to run home and grease my wheels.  Joking
aside, it was very interesting and informative thanks to Mark and Dave.

   The third leg of the clinic was on harnessing, hitching and driving.   Our teamsters for the day were the renowned Grandfather-Grandson team of Joe Bell and Nathan Strasbaugh.   Joe brought two of his ponies and his cart and wagon.  They first hitched up a single pony to light harness and cart.  They showed the fitting and adjusting the harness to pony and cart.  Then Nathan showed his driving ability with the single pony.  Next came the team in draft harness.
Again showing the harnessing and hitching this time to a wagon.  Nathan this time drove the team around the arena, but Grandpa Joe couldn't be
left out and gave a nice demonstration of backing the wagon around and I think he even put it where he wanted it.  Nice job Joe and Nathan.

   Last but not least was Roger Murray taking the center ring.  Roger handled the safety part of the clinic, and handled it he did.  Roger
went over all the Do's and Don'ts that you should always remember when driving.   All the little things that you have to keep in the back of
your mind  to make your drive a safe drive.   Thanks Roger you did a great job.

   I would like to thank everyone that took part in putting on this clinic.  The folks that helped answer questions that arose.  The people
that set up and manned the information tables and kept the coffee pot brewing.

   I think the clinic was a success, especially when you hear comments like" Boy, I wish I had went to a clinic like this before I started
driving."   It makes you know that you did it right.   

There is nothing to report on drives since we haven't had one yet, butget ready because here they come.

   I gave all that information for the May 6th drive with the Fairchild's at Spencerville last month.

   The next drive will be May 20th at Van Buren State Park hosted by the Hohenbrinks.  It will be at Van Buren State Park, Van Buren, OH.  A
potluck will be held at 1:00pm, then we'll hitch up and drive down paved public roads.  The directions are: Take I-75 to State Route 613  (exit #
164).   Turn east on 613 and go into Van Buren.   At the stop sign turn right on Main Street (Twp. Road 220).   Go 1 mile; turn left on County
Rd 109 (east).   Go 1 mile, turn left on road 229, go about 1/2 mile, shelter house is on left, trailer parking is on the right.  Road 229 can
also be accessed from State Route 613 but the bridge before the horsemen's parking area has a 4-ton weight limit.

   June 1-3 will be the drive at the Kentucky Horse Park NOTICE FROM GARY GILLFILLAN: If you went to Kentucky Horse Park last
year and haven't received your information packet or didn't go last year but would like to go this year get in touch with Gary.  Gary's Phone
Number is (419) 675-3257.  It is very important that you have your reservations in by May 12th.


Hello everyone.  We are Mark and Marla Newman of Kenton, Ohio.  Mark and I were married Oct 19, 1996.  We have a son Chayton, just born Feb
2,2000.  Mark has been a member of the Black Swamp Driving Club for 11 years and I have belonged for 4 years

We enjoy our friendships with those that share a common interest and especially enjoy the time spent with our horses.

   We both love animals, especially our horses.  On our little farm we have 2 horses, 10 angora goats, 1 pygmy goat, and 3 cats and soon more
kittens.  We enjoy riding and driving our horses when we get the chance.

   We have Quarter horses. Our mare has all the driving talent.  She pulls several types of vehicles including a cutter (for winter
pleasure), carts and buggies. We own 2 Kaiser buggies, a Buckeye high-wheel cart, a Paul Watts cutter, a Houghten cutter and one other
unknown cutter.

    By day, Mark is a computer "techy".  He works in the IT department at Marathon Oil Co. receiving computers, adding software assembling
servers and so on.  After that he turns into "carpenter-man" building our dream log home.  By night he's super daddy, feeding our little "imp", doing diaper changes and tucking into bed. 

    Mark's equine/driving experience came by way of his "I can do that" attitude.  All of you that know Mark, knows that whatever he sets his
mind to, he does.  Marks's goal and dreams include early retirement, and owning his own antique business.  Since he has been getting so much
experience as a carpenter these past few years, Mark and his best friend Jay have started up their own construction company.   

   I'm all I want to be by taking care of our baby boy. I have a part time job since quitting my full time job. My equine/ Driving experience
came only from knowing Mark.  My goals and dreams include raising a family, being the owner of my prospering basket and pottery business and
working minimal hours outside our home

   Of course we never miss Kentucky Horse Park weekend. We look forward to that.  We have also been to a CAA event held in Burlington, Vermont.
It was an experience.

   We enjoy getting out on our own and especially to the club events Mark's hobbies are antiques and refinishing antiques, hunting, building
and enjoys "farting " around on his tractors

   I enjoy being a basket and pottery party consultant and playing volleyball. I also love being a mommy.


May 11 Carol Hildreth
May 12 Gary Gillfillan
May 16 John Tschantz
May 20 Robert Crossman
May 24 Homer Joseph
May 24 Joanne Shapler
May 29 Marla Newman
June 5 Roger Higgins Sr.
June 11 Nathan Strasbaugh
June 12 Sue Thompson
June 13 Pat Burghardt
June 18 Sean Crossman
June 23 Lanna Neale

Upcoming Events:

*May 6.... Drive at Spencerville hosted by the Fairchilds
*May 20..... Drive at Van Buren State Park hosted by the Hohenbrinks
   June 1-3.... Kentucky Horse Park
*June 24..... Drive at Malabar Farm hosted by Mary Elliot
   July 4..... Kenton 4th of July Celibration and Parade
*August 26.... Drive at Sandy Young
*September 9... Drive at Oak Opening hosted by the Shapler
*October 13-14 .. Cornhusker at Upper Sandusky hosted by the Hunters
* Denotes a BSDC sponsored event

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