May 2004 Newsletter


Happy May everyone!  Spring has ‘sprung’!  It is time to spring in to action.  Now that the weather is finally tolerable, it is time to do all of those things we have put off all winter long.  Here are just some ideas, a short list at that.  Clean thoroughly, horse stalls, especially in those dark corners, mangers, and water buckets or troughs.  I little bleach will do a lot of good!  Clean your horse but no water please. Unless, you have a much fancier set up than the stone drive way and a warm bucket of suds and a water hose (my way).   Deworm your horses now that they could start eating pasture grasses.  Remember to not let them over do the pasture time at first.  Fresh green spring grass may be too tasty but it is high in moisture, low in protein and fiber – just the opposite of what their hay has been for them all winter.  It could cause colic for those with a touchy stomach.  Let your horses blow off some penned-up energy on the end of the lunge line or round pen.  Be sure to check for good footing.  It not only gives the horse some much-needed exercise but also legs them up for the driving season.  Finally, check the harness and vehicles for wear and tear.  Repair things now, lest you forget and regret it later (when a drive date sneaks up on you!).  Make an appointment for the farrier to come out.

Safety checks remind me of the safety meeting at Dan Shanahan’s place.  I hope everyone will plan to attend.  This newsletter will have made it to the printer before our April meeting his shop.

We will be meeting at the drives throughout the summer and fall.  I do want to mention, if anyone wants to host a drive, please bring it up as soon as possible, so everyone can mark his or her calendars.  Again, here is the list of drive dates as we have them to date:

April 18- safety meeting at Dan Shanahan’s shop

*May 16 – Secrist drive

June 4,5,6 – Charlie Poppe hosting the drive a the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington

June 10-12  -CAA annual conference Blowing Rock, NC

*July 17 – Emmons/ Higgins Amish drive

*September 11 – Sauder Village drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde

*September 26 – Murray drive

*October 3 – Higgins/ Emmons drive

*October 9,10 – Corn Huskers drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter


            Also, remember the Topeka, IN sale on June 17, 18, and 19.  I hope everyone found something at the April Topeka sale. 

Give a hearty happy birthday to all of our Spring chickens – (12) Gary Gillfillan

(20) Robert Crossman (24) Homer Joseph (29) Marla Newman.  I hope I did not miss anyone. 

            One final note, don’t be this person.  You are talking to your farrier and say “ I try to clean out his feet, but it kills my back when he jerks me around that way!”