May 2008 BSDC Newsletter


Wow, can you believe it's spring, the trees are budding and flowers are in bloom?  It just make's you feel all good inside.

First, I want to express my deepest sorrow on the newsletter.  I am not sure on what has happened.  It has been a huge rendezvous, which I don't know whre to start, and whre to end, again I am really sorry at this time I have no answers to give.

Guess what?  The club is celebrating its 20th year!  We are going to try to do something special.  If you have any ideas, tell a board member and they will put it on a considering list.

These fine members are still incolved today as they were when they signed up in 1988 - Ann Bell, Clifford and Alice Crab, Gary and Connie Gillfillin, John and Sara Hunter, Al and Angie Hohenbrink, Roger and Sue Murray, Will Stevenson, Henry and Becky zumFelde.  Thank you for your dedication and help throughout the years.

The club is already starting to think of where to host its annual banquet.  Please, if you have any ideas let a board member or a officer know.

If you have any photos taken at any club event, Sandy Young and Peg Graham would be excited to incorporate them into the club scrapbook.

If you have anything to report such as a drive or directions to your upcoming drive.  I will need the information emailed to me  - Brandy, at or you can get a hold of me at 740-361-2145.  If the voicemail picks up, leave a message and a number where you can be reached and I will get back with you.  It has been crazy with working third shift and planning a wedding.

The Higgins/Emmons Drive. The potluck dinner will be at 12 p.m. and the drive through the Amish country will follow the meal.  The directions are as follows:  if you are coming from Marion take State Route 309 west and go until you see Shate Route 37 (second set of flashing lights) turn left and come up to the first road you see to the left, which would be Wildcat Pike.  Turn left and stay straight until you see the hardin County Coon Hunters Hall on the left.  If you are coming from State Route 68, turn left on to State Route 309 east and follow it until you see County Road 144 and turn right and go straight until you see Hardin County Coon Hunters Hall to your left.