May 2009 BSDC Newsletter

by Stephenie Miles


 Spring is in the air. Can you feel it? Birds are singing. The warm weather is finally upon us. The horses are shedding their

winter coats. We need to get out there and get them cleaned up and worked to get them in shape. It's driving season!
     If your horses have been idle during the winter months, then you will want to begin riding or driving your horse slowly. Due to
if they haven't shed their winter coats, they can heat up faster. I mean you wouldn't want to go out in the dead of summer in a fur
coat would you? So it takes them longer to cool down. You could consider clipping their coat if you are going to get back into a
riding or driving routine. Spring is also vaccination time. Call your local vet to get their updated vaccinations.
     If  your horse has been eating hay all winter, introduce them to green pasture slowly. If they eat too much it may cause them to
colic or founder, so take it slow especially for ponies, draft breeds and draft crosses. Keep an eye out for rain scald. It is the rainy season. It usually shows on their backs, shoulders or haunches. The hair may be matted in some areas, if you pull it away it will
appear to be oozing and raw. Don't leave untreated infection may set in. Check out their hooves and call a farrier. If they are "aunatural" you may want to shoe them to get ready for driving.
     We recently held our Safety Clinic at the Hancock County Fairgrounds on April 19th. It was a great turnout. There were so
many informative demonstrations given and I hope everyone who came walked away learning something and had a great experience then what they did walking in. I know I did.
     Our very first drive of the year is coming upon us. May 9th is the Higgins Hepburn Amish Drive. I'm so excited. This is my favorite one. You get to drive along the river and listen to the birds sing and see the wildlife. Stop and visit the local amish families. A good place to stop is Mary's Market. You've got to get there early if you want some of her fabulous cinnamon rolls.
It is such a beautiful drive. The directions are as follows to get  there: If you are coming from Marion, follow SR. 309 W to Wildcat
Pike. If you are coming from Kenton, follow SR. 309 E to wildcat Pike also known as CR 144. If you get lost you can call Roger Jr
on his cell: 740-251-7193. Signs will be posted. Lunch at noon!
     Also in May is our trip to Greens Heritage Village in Orient, Oh. That will be May 16th. Don't forget also that your paperwork
for the Kentucky Horse Park has to mailed out by the 20th of May. May 23rd there is an Open Class Horse Show at the Crawford County Fairgrounds in Bucyrus, Oh. There is a $100. prize for the open class driving show. It is being put on by the Central Ohio Open Show Horse Association. The show starts at 9am. "Rain or Shine". For more information you can contact Donna Marrow 419-564-1603 or CIndy Sands at 419-569-0192.
     We would like to send prayers out to Annetta Shirk. She has been in and out of the Columbus Hospital. Our prayers are with
you and your family and we hope to see Tom and Arnetta at the Hepburn Drive. John Miles is in our prayers as he is battling renal failure and has been in and out of Toledo Hospital and Blanchard Valley Hospital with complications. And Darlene Higgins is still in our prayers. Hope to definately see her at the Heburn Drive. We miss you!
     As always, If you have any ideas for drives please feel free to email me or call me at  567-208-3094. I would also like to have
some pictures submitted to me by email of our drives that we will being going on this year. If you have any, my email address is Reminder also, if you havn't paid your dues, you really need to get them in.
     Everyone have a safe and wonderful driving season!