By Fred Thompson

  Hello everyone and welcome to the wonderful month of November.  This is the time when your thoughts turn to family, friends, roast turkey,
pumpkin pie and-and-and WINTER.   Yes, winter is starting to close in on us.  But just like the ant in the fable  " The Ant and the Grasshopper"
one has to be prepared.  Nothing gives you a better feeling going into winter than knowing that there is plenty of wood in the woodpile, enough
food in the pantry and a mow full of hay.  By the time you read this you may still have enough time to do a couple of those small last minute
jobs without working out in some really nasty weather.  I love that feeling of satisfaction, contentment and security knowing that you have
once again completed all your work for the year.  Who am I trying to kid?  For me, I'm more like the grasshopper.  I haven't been caught up
with my work in years.  I have jobs left over from last year, which was left over from the year before.  The only thing I can say for myself is
that I am consistent.  Consistently getting farther behind.  So, if you are somewhat like me, do yourself a favor and throw that list away.  It
will only depress you while your trying to watch a good movie on TV.

  Well, what do you say, we get on with it and take a look at some of the things that has happened at the drives in September and October.  In
September, some of the member of the BSDC met with other area driving club at Longabergers for their 2nd annual carriage classic.  For the
members that went down on Friday, they found beautiful weather for driving.  Saturday started out looking good.  The first parade at noon
went on very well. It was planned out thoroughly and everything was well organized.  The parade route was well thought out and had to give the
visitors a wonderful view of the parade.  Bill Weaver announced the parade and did a very good job.  Unfortunately the other two parades
scheduled for Saturday had to be cancelled because of bad weather. Sunday was just about a repeat of Saturday with the parade being held at
noon.  The weather again shut out the afternoon parades.  Other than the rain it was a good weekend.  BSDC had about 30 members showing with 12 of the 46 turnouts belonging to our club.  The food was excellent with the all you can eat BBQ ribs and chicken being a real treat.

  October 7-8 took us to Kenton for the Heritage Festival.  The Gillfillans hosted this drive and was relieved when the members started
arriving.  The weather again was not favorable with a brisk wind and anything but warm temperatures.  Thank goodness for the sun which helped
warm things up a little.  A total of 9 turnouts showed up for the parade with members showing up from a three-state area.  The potluck Saturday
night was well attended with 52 people showing up to enjoy the food. The auction was held afterward and was enjoyed by all.

  The State Corn Husking Contest was on October 14 -15 at the Wyandot County Fairgrounds in Upper Sandusky.  John and Sara Hunter hosted this event.  The weather Saturday was super with 42 plus member showing up. There had to be at least 12 turnouts there with most of them going in
the parade.  With everything going so well one would think that nothing could go wrong.  Well it did.  For the second year in a row there was no
Mulligan stew Saturday night.  The sacred Mulligan stew pot could not be found.  Fear not for a quick trip to the grocery store and with what the
member brought, everything turned out just fine. Sunday was as usual, RAIN.   Never fear, the stew got made thanks to a kettle on loan from
another member, I won't mention the name since it may have to used next year.  There were 31 member there to enjoy the stew and the fellowship
that is always present at these events regardless of the weather.  There was no parade and few people hitched because of the rain.  A big thanks
goes out to Roger Higgins for once again bringing his chuck wagon.  It has almost become a landmark at Corn Huskers. 

  Just as a reminder our Annual meeting and banquet will be November 18 at Sauder's Barn Restaurant in Archbold, Oh.  If you are planning to
attend please let Henry zumFelde know no later that November 11th. Henry's phone no. is (419) 335-7746.  The meal will cost $12.25 per
person and this includes drink, tax and tip.  Children ages 6-12 will be $7.25 and children 1-5 will be $4.25. The doors will open at 5:00 p.m.
The buffet will start at 5:30.   We will not have to be out until 8:00. Now everyone that was going to bring something to the auction---DON'T.
There will not be an auction this year.  After holding a short meeting at Corn Huskers it was decided that the time would be enjoyed more
socializing with old friend and making new ones.  Beside I'm sure there are a lot of stories that haven't been worn out yet.  Since this is the
time that new trustees are elected, if anyone is interested in being  on the Board please contact one of the present trustees.
Direction to the Barn Restaurant is as follows:
>From Michigan:

Take 475 S through Toledo to Route 2 West (Airport Hwy.).  Route 2 turns into Interstate 20.  Follow to Burlington, turn left or South on 66 to Archbold.  Sauder's is before Archbold on the left.

>From Ohio:
Take 75 N to Route 6 West.  Go through Ridgeville Corners.  About 2 miles outside of Ridgeville Corners turn Right or North on 66.  Go
through Archbold.  Sauder's is after Archbold on the right.

 Anyone that is interested in being on the Board please contact one of the trustee.

Who's Who in the BSDC: The Hohenbrinks

BadenSprings.jpg (21753 bytes)

  Hello, we're Angela and Albert Hohenbrink of Hamler, Ohio.   My husband was a city kid and didn't realize what he was getting into 28
years ago when he married a horse crazy wife.   We moved out on the family farm where I grew up a few years later.  I'm the third generation
to live there.   When we first moved in we spent so much time and money building fences that I called it "Poverty Paddock".  A name that we've
lived up to ever since.

  I received my first driving experience at the Huntlea Horse Center in Tennessee  (home to the Mells Foxhounds) where I spent 4 months taking
an Assistant Instructors course. 

  In the 1980's I joined the Western Reserve Carriage Association for one year but it was too far away to be practical.   When I saw in the
Corral that a driving club had started in Northwest Ohio I went to the next meeting and became a charter member.  I've meet so many nice people
in the Black Swamp Driving Club over the years it's hard to believe that at the first meeting I didn't know anyone.

  A lot of BSDC members saw my kids growing up.   My daughter Abby is a senior in high school and my son Aaron just graduated from Wright State with a degree in Computer Engineering.  It's hard to believe that the three of us ever fit side by side on an Ohio City pony cart pulled by
Abby's little beloved pony "Crazyleggs".

  We are members of the Carriage Association of America and the American Driving Society. We are also members of St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in Hamler.  Sometimes we clown around with the Chuckleberry Clowns, a clown club that visits nursing homes and does company picnics, etc.  

  For 25 years I've worked at Philips Display Components Company, presently on the Computer Help Desk working the graveyard shift.   It's
my shift of choice and gives me all daylight hours with the horses.   Al works at Campbell Soups on the more conventional 1st shift.

  About 6 years ago I started the BSDC website.  I couldn't find many places on the Internet with information on carriage driving so I though
I'd make one.   Since then a lot of carriage related sites have been put on the Internet so there is plenty of information out there if you need
to find something.

  To sum everything up, you can't beat the BSDC for good food, fellowship and fun driving horses.  So far I've never met a person there
that I didn't like.

President Mike Cook regretfully resigns.

  Mike Cook resigns as President of the Black Swamp Driving Club due to health problems.  I talked with Mike and learn that the middle of
October he found out that he had cancer of the stomach and will be undergoing surgery the last part of October.  This will require a 10-day
to two-week stay in the hospital followed by a 6-8 week recovery time. Mike felt that with all that is facing him and his family that it would
be best to turn over the responsibly of President to Vice President Roger Higgins.  He regrets that he couldn't have been more active during
his term but with all the illness that has plagued his family this year it just wasn't possible.  Mike is looking forward to becoming active
again in the club just as soon as his health permits it.


November 2 Brandy Eckard
November 3 Gayla Yaney
November 15 Joe Bell
December 12    Paula Miller
December 18 Mark Newman
December 18 Rachel Franz
December 28 Sheryl Pore



*November 18..Annual Banquet at Sauder's Barn Restaurant
* Denotes a BSDC sponsored activity

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