BSDC November 2002 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

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Pictured are some BSDC members enjoying Corn Huskers. 

Left are Sandy and Larry Young.

Middle are Angie and Al Hohenbrink

Right are Nathan Strasbaugh with Will Stevenson's Grandson  DaShawn "Shawny".Stevenson  beside him.  Roger Higgins and Joe Bell taking a leisurely ride with them.

   Hi Everyone.  Well here we are in November.  Daylight Saving Time has fallen back to Standard Time.  Oh, how I will miss those evenings when you can stay out late and still have enough light to see to get back to the house.  I really find this depressing.  I just hate it when you get home from work and have to race the sun to get the chores done without
having to use artificial light.  For some reason I don't mind staying out side after dark in the summer, but in late fall and winter I rush to get inside before it is dark.  Evenings are way to short in the summer and way to long in the winter.  Since I am not a real TV watcher, I find myself asleep in the easy chair a lot.  It's no wonder that bears hibernate in the winter.  What else is there to do?  I guess I'll have to find myself a winter hobby to keep my mind off of the long nights. Wonder where that jig saw puzzle I never finished is at?  Maybe I should quite complaining and get back to what's important. So let's get on with the report.

   First things first.  Here are all the details that I have been saying that I would pass on to you about our Annual Banquet and Meeting.  So here is the scoop.  This year it will be held at The Schnipke Inn in Ottawa on November 16.  I think we all knew that.  So here is the real meat and potatoes of it all, you might say.  Social hour will be from 5:00-6:00 and a relish tray will be provided.  The banquet will start after that.  We will have a three-meat buffet, with salad bar and desert included. The price tag this year will be an even $11.00.  This will cover the meal, drinks, and tip.  The whole shootin' match.  Thinking about bringing the kids?  No fear, they will be charged according to their age.  So let's make this a family affair.

   The directions are very easy.  Schnipke's is on Route 224 just east of the of the Route 65 intersection.  The actual address is 202 West Main Street.   The Inn will be on the North side of the street and it will have a red canopy out front.  There is parking in the rear and on the side.

   To be fair to the people at Schnipke's so everything is planned just right for us.  Gary Gillfillan has asked that you let him or Joe Bell know if you are planning to attend.  Try to do this by November 3rd. The phone numbers are Gary Gillfillan -(419) 675-3257 and Joe Bell - (419) 694-2085.

   Now I think I will try to catch up with the drives from the past. Our September 15th drive was hosted by Roger and Susan Murray.  This drive was shared with our friends from the Western Reserve Carriage Association which Roger and Susan are also members.  The weatherman was calling for rain, but as usual he pretty much missed it. ( For once it
was in our favor).  It only sputtered a little, so no one got really wet.  Despite the threat of rain, there were about 30 members (from both clubs) and 4 guests showed up for the potluck at the Sandusky River Coonhunter's Club.  Nine turnouts drove the short route, with most taking a loop through Collier State Park.  Julie Emmons debuted her new
vis-a-vis with Roger and Darlene Higgins as passengers and Roger, Jr. as groom.  Looked real sharp Julie!  Everyone agreed that we should do this again next year.  Sounds like a great idea.

   Our other event to talk about is the Annual Corn Husking Contest in Upper Sandusky.  John and Sarah Hunter were the host couple as they have been in the past.  The weather was the typical fall day that we all know and love.  The turnout was great with about 55 members and friends enjoying the Mulligan Stew-potluck Saturday evening.  I think Sarah out
did herself on the stew.  It was outstanding.  The other members that showed up to drive but couldn't stay for the evening sure missed out on a feast.  Then there was the campfire caramel corn.  How could anyone not try some of that?  Then you try some more and more and more.  You get the picture.  It was delicious.  If that wasn't enough, there was the late night group that stayed up for the campfire bull session.  If  anyone had even the slightest desire for something else to eat, Nathan Strasbaugh came to the rescue.  With weenie fork in one hand and a bag of marshmallows in the other, he filled the last little desire for something sweet.

   Sunday was more of the same.  Nice weather, more food, more driving and plenty of fellowship.  How could you want more than that out of a weekend?

  Don't forget to get your reservations into Gary or Joe for the Annual Banquet and Meeting.  Hope to see you there.


November 3      Gayla Yaney
November 5      Donald Bisel
November 6      Brook Courchaine
November 13    Connie Boice
November 13     Kristi Walker
November 15     Joe Bell
November 23     Valerie Shapler
November 25     Anne Eadie
November 25     Daryl Hildreth
November 28     Roger Murray
December 12     Dolph Courchaine
December 17     Russel Huston
December 18     Cheryl Crossman
December 18     Susan Murray
December 18     Mark Newman
December 28     Sheryl Pore
December 31     Gordon Hildreth


*Nov. 16 Annual Banquet and Meeting at Schnipke Inn in Ottawa, Ohio
* Denotes a club sponsored event