November Newletter

By Fred Thompson

   NOVEMBER----Boy there sure isn’t much left of this driving season.
About the only thing left to do is to pack the buggies away, and think
about getting out the sleighs.

   The only club activity left for the year is our annual meeting and
banquet.  It will be held on November 20th at Sauders  Barn Restaurant
in Archbold, Oh. The meal will be at 5:30,but you can come early to
socialize.  Remember, if you are planning to attend please let Henry
zumFelde know no later that November 14th.  No money needs to be
prepaid. This is just to let the Restaurant knows how many people to
prepare for .  Henry’s phone no. is 419-335-7746.  The buffet meal will
cost $11.75 per person and this includes drink, tax and tip.   We will
be holding  an auction again, so anything you would like to donate to be
auctioned off feel free to bring it along.

Direction are as follows:
>From Michigan:
Take 475 S through Toledo to Route 2 West (Airport Hwy.).  Route 2 turns
into Interstate 20.  Follow to Burlington, turn left or South on 66 to
Archbold.  Sauder's is before Archbold on the left.
>From Ohio:
Take 75 N to Route 6 West.  Go through Ridgeville Corners.  About 2
miles outside of Ridgeville Corners, turn Right or North on 66.  Go
through Archbold.  Sauder's is after Archbold on the right.

   If anyone would like to leave a little early for the meeting, you may
want to take a small detour to see the new covered bridge that was built
a Lockport.  Henry said it is well worth the time.  He said it is 30
feet wide, 15 feet high and 157 feet long with a walkway on one side.
It cost 1.7 million to build.  The direction are easy.  At the junction
of RT 66 and RT 2,where you would turn east to go to Sauders, turn west
( Wauseon- Perkins Rd.) and go about 4 miles to where it T’s.  Turn
right and go to the T and turn left.  This will take you to the bridge.
  That should take care of what’s ahead of us, so let’s look back.
September 15-18 was the CAA International Convention at French Lick
,Ind.  Even though it isn’t a club event, we have a number of our members
that belong and attended.  It sounded like it was fantastic.  Angie
Hohenbrink and Henry zumFelde participated in the carriage light parade
that went from the French Lick resort to the West Baden resort.  The
road was lined with people that came to watch.  It also sounds like some
of these driving clubs know how to throw a tail gate party.  Gary
Gillfillan also wanted to add—for you non-believers—ELVIS  IS ALIVE AND
   September 24-26 brought the First Annual ( and hopefully not the last
) Longaburgers Carriage Classic . It started out a little rainy on
Friday, but then it turned into a perfect weekend.   There was 80
vehicles that was hitched for the parade with another 40 vehicles for
display only.  Black Swamp was well represented in both categories.  The
carriage parade lasted about 2 hours with a turnout coming over a small
rise then into the arena.  Each entry had about five minutes to strut
there stuff and show off there horse(s) and turnout before they left and
the next entry entered the arena.  A big THANK YOU goes out to  John
Tschantz, Cliff Crabs and Charlie Poppe for announcing the entries for
the parade.  While thank you’s are being handed out, I don’t think
enough can be said  about the effort it took to get this first Carriage
Classic organized.  It took 9 months from conception to  the birth of
this brain child. To the people involved from Longaburger and the people
representing Black Swamp, Western Reserve and Ohio Valley driving clubs
we THANK YOU. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
   Oct 2-3 brought us Heritage Days at Kenton hosted by the Gillfillans
and the Newmans.  There was 11 turnouts that showed up for the Sat.
parade with 3 more being added for the Sun. parade.  There was new faces
present to participate and enjoy the weekend.  The hog roast and potluck
was held Sat night in the horse barn.  My dad raised hogs  and I
personally know that the best hog is the one with the squeal removed.
Gary, Connie, Mark and Marla-- nice job.   The potluck brought together
104 people from the BSDC, the Hardin County Historical Society and the
Hardin County Restorer and Collectors.  The auction that followed the
meal netted  $248.00 to help offset the cost of the hog.
   The following weekend (Oct. 9-10) was the State Corn Husking Contest
at Upper Sandusky, Oh.   John and Sara Hunter hosted this event.  Old
Man Weather wasn’t very cooperative for this last drive.  The rain put a
stop to most of the traditional things that normally goes on at Corn
Husker.   The driving was pretty limited.  The Mulligan stew was
replaced by a pork chop dinner in the dinning hall.  Popcorn was popped
using a hot plate instead of the good ol’ campfire.  Even through all
the muck and mire seventeen people showed up to share in good fellowship
which is something not even the rain can damped.
   Sunday  was a little nicer with 29 people showing up for the day.
The morning was started with Monkey bread and sweet rolls to help get
everyone up and moving.  Most of the activities were canceled for the
day. It has been 13 years since Corn Huskers had to be canceled.
Thirteen, I hope nobody is superstitious.  Dinner consisted of roasted
hot dogs, pork sandwiches and desert.  
   That pretty much finishes the driving season for BSDC for this year.
Even though I didn’t make any drives this year, I still would like to
thank everyone that put on a drive and all the people that attended
them.  This is the type of dedication it takes to keep a club like this
going and growing.  So once again Thank You.
   One more thing before writers cramps set in.   I was looking through
the autumn issue of  Rural Heritage magazine.  You know how sometimes
something just catches you eye while scanning an article.  Well that’s
what happen to me.  The name Willis Bible just jumped out at me.  As
most of you know Willis is a member of BSDC and has a very nice team of
Belgians.  Willis competed in the Great Lakes International Show and
Pull in Michigan, and compete he did.  He took first place in Farm Team
Hitch, Obstacle Course and Barnyard Pull.  Way to go Willis. 

Nov. 12-13- Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa.
Nov. 20—Annual Dinner, Sauders Barn Restaurant, Archbold

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