BSDC October 2000 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

  Don't you just hate it when someone warns you about something and years later it comes back to haunt you.  I can still hear my dad say, "
You just wait until you get to be my age and see how fast time flies." Boy, oh, boy was he right.  Where did last month go.  I swear I just
finished up the September report and now I am writing the one for October.  I'm just glad I'm not in school and have to write a report "
HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION".  I would be turning in a blank sheet of paper.  It probably has something to do with that old saying, " All work and no play makes Jack (Fred) a dull boy."  Well, I hope everyone else had a great summer and would have gotten an A+ on your report.

  Speaking of A+, the drive at Sandy and Larry Young's got just that sort of grade.  This drive was once again hosted by Sandy and Larry, Peg
Graham, Mary Elliott and Linda Spears.  There were 40 people that showed up with 10 turnout going out for the drive.  The day was beautiful.
Just the kind of weather a person would order for a drive in August.  It was also perfect weather for eating homemade ice cream.  Sandy said that
the Oreo cookie flavored ice cream was sort of an experiment.  If it was I bet no one minded being the guinea pig.  Matter of fact I heard of one
guinea pig that went back for seconds.  Boy, what some people won't go thought for the good of science.

  Unfortunately there isn't anything to report on Mike and Joyce Cooks drive at Oak Openings.  The weather did not corporate at all. There were
some brave members that did come out just in case.   Mike said that with 2 inches of rain it was a complete "wash-out".  Like the saying
goes-Into each life some rain must fall, and it's usually on the weekend. Hey Mike; hang in there that is what they make next years for.

  It looks like October will be a great month for drives with three slated for this month.  The first on the list will be October 7-8 at the
Heritage Festival in Kenton, Oh.  Gary and Connie Gillfillan will be hosting this event.   It will be held at the Yost farm beside the Hardin
County Fairgrounds.  It's located south of Kenton between State Route 31 and State Route 68.  Watch for the Fairground Rd. There will be free
stable and camping for those who want to stay.  You may come in Friday night if you wish.  Turnouts may be kept in the horse barn if you would
like.  There will be a parade both days at 1:00 with period dress. Saturday night there will be a potluck starting at 6:00. Drinks will be
furnished.  There will be an auction afterwards.  Any items donated for the auction will be appreciated.

  The second drive of the month will be at the State Corn Husking Contest on October 14 -15.  It will be held at the Wyandot County
Fairgrounds in Upper Sandusky, Oh.  John and Sara Hunter will once again be hosting this drive. You may arrive on Friday night if you want.
Camping is permitted with water and electricity hook-ups.  If camping not your thing, there are two motels nearby.  Comfort inn-1-800-228-5150
and AmeriHost Inn- 1-800-434-5800.

      BSDC will have vehicles on displayed and horses will be stabled in the 4-H horse barn.  An obstacle course will be set up for 1:00 P.M. on
Saturday and 2:00 P.M. on Sunday.  There will be a parade on Saturday at 2:00 P.M. and Sunday at 1:30 P.M. with period dress optional.  You may drive at your leisure throughout the fairgrounds during the weekend.

      Saturday night we will be making mulligan stew with the meat furnished.  Please bring some veggies etc. for the stew and another dish
such as munchies or desert if you wish.  Coffee and something that will make the Tooth Fairy cringe will be provided each morning.

      Food vendors will be on the grounds the entire weekend as well as many great craft booths.  Various activities, demonstrations, and
contests will be taking place for the enjoyment of entire family.

      For more information call John and Sara Hunter at 419-396-6746. 

      The Newman's will be hosting the last drive and potluck of the season on Sunday, October 29.  It will be held at their new home,
whether the cabin is finished or not...  As usual, the potluck will be at 1pm and drinks will be furnished.  Decorate your vehicles for the
season if desired.

     Directions from Findlay: Take Route 68 south through Arlington. Take the first road to the right, -- West (C.R.32).  Then take the
second road to the left-South (Twp. Rd 66) We are the first house on the left.  Directions from Kenton: Take Route 68 North towards Arlington.
Before Arlington turn Left-West on C.R.32.  Now take the second road to the left-South (Twp.Rd. 66) We are the first house on the left.

  Our Annual meeting and banquet has been set for November 18 at Sauder's Barn Restaurant in Archbold, Oh.  If you are planning to attend
please let Henry zumFelde or Mike Cook know no later that November 11th.  Henry's phone no. is (419) 335-7746 and Mikes is (419) 825-5585.
The meal will cost $12.25 per person and this includes drink, tax and tip.  Children ages 6-12 will be $7.25 and children 1-5 will be $4.25.
The doors will open at 5:00 p.m.  The buffet will start at 5:30.   We will be holding an auction again, so anything you would like to donate
to be auctioned off feel free to bring it along.  We will not have to be out until 8:00.  I would like to thank Henry and Mike for taking the
time and making the arrangement for the banquet.  I'm sure it will we as good if not better than last year.

 Direction to the Barn Restaurant is as follows:
>From Michigan:
Take 475 S through Toledo to Route 2 West (Airport Hwy.).  Route 2 turns into Interstate 20.  Follow to Burlington, turn left or South on 66 to Archbold.  Sauder's is before Archbold on the left.

>From Ohio:
Take 75 N to Route 6 West.  Go through Ridgeville Corners.  About 2 miles outside of Ridgeville Corners, turn Right or North on 66.  Go
through Archbold.  Sauder's is after Archbold on the right.


Just a little reminder:

  If anyone would like to write up a profile so we can put in the Corral and post in on our web page please let me know.  I been having to beg
for them lately.  It really doesn't hurt.  Have your kids or a friend help you.  I know they won't mind writing about you.  Actually they
would probably have fun doing it.

Who's Who in the BSDC: Mike and Joyce Cook

My wife Joyce and I have been members of the Black Swamp Driving Club now for 2 years. We joined the club in hopes of learning more about the sport of driving and after attending our first drive, without horses, we were hooked. That first drive was at Independence Dam. It was such a beautiful day and the people were so friendly to us. We rode with Henry zumFelde, he was the person we contacted after seeing the Black Swamp web site.            

Joyce and I have been married for over 24 years. The horses have always been our hobby. We do everything together and it usually revolves around the horses. When I met Joyce, I was a city boy and while I loved horses, I had no idea what to do with them. Joyce had returned from Europe where she lived and learned English equitation. She talked me into going and watching her ride and jump while we were dating. After we married. She asked why I didn't seem too interested in the horses and I told her that the jumping wasn't for me. I told her that if she ever wanted to play cowboys and Indians, let me know! About 2 years later we sold her thoroughbred and purchased 2 Quarter horses and we've been having a ball ever since.

About 4 years ago Joyce became interested in Norwegian Fjord horses. We took a trip down to southern Ohio to a breeding facility. That was the first time I ever drove a horse. And the horse I drove was a 2-year-old gelding. Not only were we sold on Norwegian Fjords because of their easy going attitude, I told Joyce, as I was going around the arena for the second time in the drivers seat, that I didn't care if I ever sat in a saddle again! We now own a reproduction of an auto top surrey and a Stoltzfus Country Gig (my personal favorite). Our good friends Henry & Becky zumFlede occasionally wil11et us borrow their beautiful hand made wagonette. I keep telling Henry that someday I want to own a zumFlede! Joyce and I love driving our Norwegian Fjords. Usually we drive pairs. And we've just started our 2-year-old this year. Henry zumFlede has been kind enough to lend a very skillful hand at training this youngster. He'll be ready for a full driving season next year. I own Cook Tool & Supply, I've been in the tool business for over 25 years and just started this business last fall. So far it's been very rewarding. There is something about owning your own business. Right now Joyce is my right hand "man". She helps with the accounting and she is also very good at bouncing ideas off of. We work great as a team. Our daughter Heather is 22 years old. She married a very outstanding young man on June 17th. We are very proud of them. The kids just don't seem to have the time to become involved with the horses, but occasionally they will come along for a drive and they are wonderful when we go out of town without the horses.

My goal as President of the Black Swamp Driving Club is to get our members more involved not only with our scheduled drives but getting
more professional people in the sport of driving to put on clinics for an aspects of the sport. Combined driving has caught my attention.
Hopefully our members will enjoy some very interesting driving clinics early next spring.

The one thing most people don't know about me is my musical past.  I'm a drummer and singer and I use to play with some big time performers back in the early 70's. The one thing most people don't know about Joyce is her creative side. This woman does incredible wonders with plants, and art!

One Proud Dad:

  As a father, I hope I'm allowed to brag on my kid. My daughter, Katie, showed at the Wyandot County Fair for the first time this year.  She
showed in the novice class (9yrs and under) in showmanship and horsemanship.  She placed 2nd in showmanship and 1st in horsemanship.
Yes, I'm proud of my daughter and I wrote this for her.

Buy me a horse Daddy, I want to go riding.
Across open fields we'll go.  Won't that be exciting?

Buy me a horse Daddy.  I want him to be tall.
To jump the tall fences, to clear that far wall.

Buy me a horse Daddy, with legs long and lean.
I'll brush him out daily; I'll keep him real clean

Buy me a horse Daddy.  He has to be brave.
He'll be a real gentleman.  I know he'll behave.

Buy me a horse Daddy, One that runs like the wind.
When we race other horses, I know we can win.

Daughter oh daughter how can I say no.
Daughter oh daughter, Daddy loves you so.


October 2        Gerald Racey
October 4        Angela Hohenbrink
October 4        Mary Elliott
October 25      Ann Bell
October 25      Mike Yaney
October 28      Becky zum Felde
October 30      Louise Kuhlman
November 2    Brandy Eckard
November 3     Gayla Yaney
November 15   Joe Bell


October 5-7.   Topeka, Ind. Carriage Auction
*October 7-8..Heritage Days at Kenton, Oh hosted by the Gillfillans
  October 11.. Mt. Hope Carriage Auction
*October 14-15 Corn Huskers hosted by the John and Sara Hunter
  October 18-20 World Singles Champion at Gladstone, NJ
*October 29... Drive at Mark and Marla Newman
*November 18..Annual Banquet at Sauder's Barn Restaurant
* Denotes a BSDC sponsored activity