October 2001 Black Swamp Driving Club News

By Fred Thompson

   Hello everyone and welcome to October, our first full month of autumn.  This is the time when it is kind of fun to slow down and watch Mother Nature at work and how she takes care of her "children".  Have you checked your horse lately?  Is it putting on a heavy coat?  If so it may mean a long cold winter.  How about that hornets nest back in the woods?  If they built it high in the tree it could mean the same thing. Look up at the sky, are the birds migrating early?  Are the apple skins tough or does the corn have thick, tight husks.  Burrrr, more signs of a bad winter. Of course, there is the lowly wooly worm and how you can
tell what kind of winter we are going to have by the color of it's coat.  The only trouble is that there were so many version of the color and the arrangement of his coat and what they meant, that I got confused.  So if you want to predict the winter with a wooly worm, you're on your own.  Am I trying to forecast the weather for this winter? No. I just enjoy the folklore that our forefathers used before there were thermometers, barometer and the Doppler radar.  If anyone is really interested in the weather forecasting there is of course one sure fired way.  That is using the WEATHER HORSE.

If the horse is:

Dry---fair weather

   Well that is enough talk about winter.  After all it is just October and there are many nice days ahead of us.  Even though our last drive was in September, that doesn't mean we have to call it quits for the year.  The fall is probably the nicest time to drive.  The weather is cooler, the trees are pretty, and if you drive toward evening, the sunsets are amazing.  Then while you are out, check some of the signs I talked about earlier and you can make your own winter predictions.


The children and grandchildren of Henry and Becky zumFelde would like to invite you the help celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of Henry and Becky.  It will be held on Sunday October 28th from 2:00-4:00 at the Rotary Park in Wauseon, Ohio. The directions to the Rotary Park are: Take S.R. 108 North into Wauseon (will turn into Shoop Ave.).  You will go under a train viaduct.  The 3rd street after the viaduct is Walnut Street.  Turn Left onto Walnut Street.  When you come to Wood Street (about 3 blocks in length) turn Right.  The Rotary Park will be on your right.

   We have a couple of drives to report on from the past.  The first one was the drive at Sandy and Larry Young near Bucyrus.   It was held on August 26th with help from Peggy Graham, Daryl Zellner, Mary Elliott and Linda Spears.  Apparently Sandy and Larry needed help from one more person-the weatherman.  Yes it rained but the 40-some people that showed up didn't mind.  Everyone just sat around and talked, ate and had a great time. The rain certainly didn't dampen anyone's appetite for homemade ice cream.  This year's flavor-Peach.  Then what's that?  The rain stopped.  Hitch up everyone we're having a drive.  Yes, the weather cleared up long enough that the 6 turnouts were able to go out and have a great drive.  I don't know if anyone saw a rainbow that day but if there was one, I sure the Black Swamp Driving Club was at one end of it.

   The other drive to report on is the Oak Opening drive hosted by the Shaplers on September 9th.  The report?
RAIN-LIGHTNING-THUNDER-LIGHTNING-THUNDER-RAIN.  Discouraged?  Naw, not the Black Swamp Driving Club.  With the Shaplers furnishing the Bar-B-Q beef and Brats and the other 35 people that showed up bringing everything else.  What a feed.  The shelter house kept everyone dry so it wasn't hard to sit around and eat and talk. No one seemed in a hurry to leave and there was plenty of food to last.  After the rain did quit, Valerie Shapler hitched up and took some of the die-hard members on a drive around the park.  After all is said and done, it was an enjoyable day and everyone had a great time.

  The only event in October will be at the State Cornhusker Contest in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.   It will be held October 13-14 and once again be hosted by John and Sara Hunter.  By now you should have received the flyer that was sent to all club members about the weekend.  If for some reason you didn't get yours please call John and Sara Hunter at 419-396-6746.  If you wish to come early, you can come in on Friday night with camping available.  The horses will be housed in the 4-H barn. You will be able to drive the fairground at your leisure all weekend.  Saturday evening will be the annual Mulligan stew-potluck supper.  This year we will also have an added feature.  We will be holding an auction this year, after the stew-potluck is over.  So if anyone has anything that they would like to donate for the auction, feel free to bring it along.  This is always fun and it helps the club.  The directions to the fairgrounds are easy.  State Route 53 is the magic road.  It takes you right past the fairground.  It can be gotten to by exiting off of SR 23 and going South towards the fair grounds.  You can also pick up SR 53 off of SR 30 and go North, but you will have to go into Upper Sandusky to do this.  There is also a map on the back of the

  The final note will be on the annual banquet and meeting.  This year the Black Swamp Driving Club annual banquet will be held Saturday evening, November 17th.  at Henry's in Kenton, Ohio.  Social hour will start at 5:00 with munchies and dinner will begin at 6:00.  The dinner will consist of three meat, potatoes, salad and beverage.  If you are planning on attending, please contact Gary and Connie Gillfillan (419-675-3257) or Mark and Marla Newman (419-675-2843) by November 3rd. This will help Henry's in knowing how much food to prepare. Directions:  Get on State Route 68 to Kenton and Henry's is on the North edge.

   There will be three vacancies this year for trustee.  If anyone is interested please contact one of the trustees.

   If you are planning a drive for the year 2002, please contact President Joe Bell (419-365-5147).

   If anyone is interested in staying in Kenton the night of the banquet there is an Amerihost Inn on the East side.  Their address is 902 East Columbus St. (SR67) Their phone number is 419-675-1400. 


October 2    Gerald Racey
October 4    Angela Hohenbrink
October 4    Mary Elliott
October 7    Randy Walker
October 15  Elizabeth Bisel
October 25  Ann Bell
October 25  Mike Yaney
October 25  Cari Boice
October 28  Becky zum Felde
October 30  Louise Kuhlman

November 3    Gayla Yaney
November 5    Donald Bisel
November 6    Brook Courchaine
November 13  Connie Boice
November 13  Kristi Walker
November 15  Joe Bell
November 22  David Anderson
November 23  Valerie Shapler
November 25  Anne Eadie
November 25  Daryl Hildreth
November 28  Roger Murray

Upcoming Events:

*October 13-14 .. Cornhusker at Upper Sandusky hosted by the Hunters
*November 17...   Annual meeting and banquet at Henry's in Kenton

*Denotes club sponsored events


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