BSDC October 2002 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

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First timers Rich and Barb Striker and Fred, Sue and Katie Thompson enjoys a leisurely drive with Roger and Susan Murray and Angie
Hohenbrink and Mary Elliott at the Young's drive


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The OHIO BICENTENNIAL Logo makes a nice setting for Peggy Graham and her turnout.  A very nice BSDC "Family" picture.


   Hi everyone.  I know it doesn't seem like October is here already but by my calendar, it is.  We should really start to notice the fall weather by now.  I will almost bet that we won't be having the same kind of winter we had last year.  So maybe we should make sure we have all those last minute outside projects finished up.  (If you happen to get yours done; you can come over and help me.)  That way when it does decide to get a little nasty outside, we won't feel guilty about them. Now don't take me wrong here.  I don't mean it is time to cover the carriage and put ol' Daisy away for the winter.  No sir- re- bob.  We still have a couple of great events coming up in October, and I'll bet you won't want to miss them.  Before we get into our events coming up,
we'll hit our drive from the past.

   August 25th found us at Sandy and Larry Young's drive.  It was a wonderful day for such a wonderful drive.  I don't know how long Sandy has been holding this drive, but it has turned into quite a tradition. The drive and her homemade ice cream.

   I didn't get an exact head count, but I would have to guess at least 35 people showed up for the potluck. 

   When everyone finished eating and needed to get up and do some moving around, we went to hitch up.  There were 9 or 10 turnouts that traveled out and around the countryside.  There were at least two routes that could be taken and probably a lot more if you got lost.  When all was said and done, everyone that went out came back.  That is always a good sign of a good drive.  There was no real excitement this year, like cattle rushing up to fences to get a better look at horses that don't like getting up close and personal.

   Once everyone got back, the home made ice cream was served and the fellowship continued.  This year's special flavor? Black Berry---mmm-mmm-good. 

   Our second drive to report on was on September 8th at Malabar Farm and was hosted by Mary Elliot.   This year Mary opted to rent the Pugh Cabin instead of a tent and what a good choice that was.  The hot weather made the luxury of the cabin very welcome.  There was plenty of room and most important---AIR CONDITIONING.  I don't think any of the nearly 30 members that showed up for the potluck and drive complained one bit.  Probably the only person that didn't fully cash in on the air conditioning was poor Mary.  She still had to do the grilling outside. 

   After the potluck three turnouts went out to enjoy the beautiful countryside around the farm.  After all is said and done, everyone had a very enjoyable time.   Good food, good fellowship and a good drive.

    Now let's talk about the great things that are coming up.  Please mark your calander for our annual meeting and banquet. The date is November 16.  The place will be at Schnipke Inn in Ottawa, Ohio.   I will have all the details for the next newsletter.

    The first event in October will be at the State Cornhusker Contest in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.   It will be held October 12-13 and once again be hosted by John and Sara Hunter. If you wish to come early, you can come in on Friday night with camping available.  The horses will be housed in the 4-H barn. You will be able to drive the fairground at your leisure all weekend. There will be a cone course set up but there will be no set time to use it.  So use it any time you wish.  Another change this year is that we will not have a parade as in the past.

    Saturday evening will be the annual Mulligan stew-potluck supper. So bring on the goodies and something to help build the stew.

   The directions to the fairgrounds are easy.  State Route 53 is the magic road.  It takes you right past the fairground.  You can get there by exiting off of SR 23 and going South towards town.  The fair grounds will be on your left.  You can also pick up SR 53 off of SR 30 and go north, but you will have to go into Upper Sandusky to do this. If you have any questions you can call John and Sara Hunter at 419-396-6746.

   Mark and Marla Newman will host our second drive in October on Sunday, October 27.

   The potluck will be held at 1 p.m. in the barn.   The drive will follow with what we hope will be a beautiful, fall, scenic drive.  We will be using the same route as last time (maybe 5.5 or 6 miles).

   Directions coming from the North (Findlay) follow 68S through Arlington.  The first road after the school called Waterloo or Twp. Rd. 32, turn right or west.  Proceed for approx. 2 miles to the second road to the LEFT, Twp. Rd. 66.  Turn left (South) onto Twp. Rd. 66.  We are the first log home on the left (19855).  If you have questions - please call (419) 365-1613.   Hope to see a good turnout for our last drive of the season.

                                               STILL LOOKING
   Angie Hohenbrink is still looking for a couple of past newsletters. She is trying to get all of the past newsletters and put them on the BSDC website.  If you happen to have one or both of the following newsletters please let Angie know.

January - December 1991
January - December 1992


October 2     Gerald Racey

October 4     Angela Hohenbrink
October 4     Mary Elliott

October 7     Randy Walker
October 15    Elizabeth Bisel

October 25    Ann Bell
October 25    Mike Yaney
October 25    Cari Boice

October 28     Becky zum Felde
October 30     Louise Kuhlman

November 3   Gayla Yaney
November 5   Donald Bisel
November 6   Brook Courchaine

November 13 Connie Boice
November 13 Kristi Walker

November 15 Joe Bell
November 23 Valerie Shapler

November 25 Anne Eadie
November 25 Daryl Hildreth

November 28 Vonnie Cooper
November 28 Roger Murray


  Oct 4 Carriage Auction at Topeka, Ind.
*Oct 12 -13  Cornhuskers with the Hunters
*Oct 27        Drive hosted by the Newmans
*Nov. 16 Annual Banquet and Meeting at Schnipke Inn in Ottawa, Ohio
* Denotes a club sponsored event

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