Ohio Carriage Companies From The Past

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As I find information I will add a web page for each company below.    If you have a restored carriage from any of these companies I'd love to add the picture there.  Information on any companies from Ohio not listed is most welcome.   Please email groom@carriagedog.com if you have any addition or corrections.


Alliance Carriage Co.                               Cincinnati, OH

American Carriage Co.                            Cincinnati, OH

Anderson and Harris Carriage Co .          Cincinnati, OH

Arnold Buggy Works                           Grand Rapids, OH

Ashbrook, Tucker & Co.                   Cincinnati, OH

Barnett Carriage Co.                           Cincinnati, OH

Brighton Buggy Co.                           Cincinnati, OH

Brown Carriage Co.                           Cincinnati, OH

Buckeye Buggy Co.                           Columbus, OH

Capital City Carriage Co.                   Columbus, OH

Carriage Sun Shade Co.                           Troy, OH

Colonial Carriage Co.                           Circleville, OH

Columbus Buggy Co.                           Columbus, OH

Columbus Carriage and Harness Co.      Columbus, OH

Cook Wagon Co.                                      Marion, OH

Cray Brothers                                          Cleveland, OH

Defiance Buggy Co (check name)               Defiance, OH

Davis Carriage Co.                                  Cincinnati, OH

Eberhard Manufacturing Co.                  Cleveland, OH

Enterprise Carriage Mfg. Co.          Miamisburg, OH

Findlay Buggy Co. (check name)               Findlay, OH

Frank B Barkley Manufacturing Co. Cincinnati, OH

Galion Buggy Co.                                 Galion, OH

George Enger & Co.                         Cincinnati, OH

H. G. Lea & Sons                                  Nevada, OH

Houghton Sulky Co.                          Marion, OH

Jesse Beery Co.                                  Pleasant Hill, OH

Jewel Carriage Co.                          Carthage, OH

Kaiser Buggy Co.                                  Kenton, OH

Kroh                                                  Toledo, OH

McMurray Sulky Co.                          Marion, OH

Metropolis Bending Co.                          Cleveland, OH

Milburn Wagon Co.                          Toledo, OH

Model Carriage & Harness Co.          Cincinnati, OH

New Eureka Carriage & Harness Co. Cincinnati, OH

O’Brien Brothers Manufacturing Co. Tiffin, OH

Ohio Carriage Manufacturing Co. Columbus, OH

Osman & Woodside                          Bucyrus, OH

Overman Carriage Co.                          Cincinnati, OH

P.P. Mast Buggy Co.                          Springfield, OH

Peabody Buggy Co.                          Fostoria, OH

Phoenix Carriage Co.                         Cincinnati, OH

Pioneer Buggy Co.                              Columbus, OH

Piqua Wagon Co.                                 Piqua, OH

Riddle Coach & Hearse Co.  http://thomasriddle.net/cah/             Ravenna, OH

Riverside Carriage Works                 Warren, OH

Sechler & Co.                                     Cincinnati, OH

Standard Wagon Co.                         Cincinnati, OH

St Marys Wheel and Spoke Co.         St Marys, OH

T. Haydock Carriage Co.                 Cincinnati, OH

Toledo Bending Co.                            Toledo, OH

Troy Wagon Works. Co.                    Troy, OH 

Tuller Buggy Co.                                Columbus, OH

TW Winner Wagon Co.                     Cincinnati, OH

Twentieth Century Storm Buggy Co.  St Henry, OH

Union Carriage Co.                              Cadiz, OH

United States Buggy & Cart Co.        Cincinnati, OH

United States Carriage Co.                Columbus, OH

Walborn & Riker                                St Paris, OH

Warner Pole & Top Co.                    Cincinnati, OH

Wilber H Murray Mfg. Co               Cincinnati, OH

Zanesville Gear Wood Co.               Zanesville, OH

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