September 2001 BSDC Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

  Hi everyone.  Here we are into the 9th month of the year, good ol' September.  This is the month that summer ends and fall starts.  As hot and humid as it has been this summer, I'm not too sure that I'll miss it too much.  The coming of fall doesn't bother me too much, I like fall. The thing that I don't like is listening to the people on radio and television telling us how many shopping days left before Christmas.  No kidding, I have heard this on radio already.  I haven't even thought about putting my summer clothes away yet and they want me to worry about Christmas shopping.  NO WAY, besides I'm a traditionalist.  I
traditionally wait do all my shopping the last minute.  That way it doesn't get in the way of enjoying fall and winter with all the fun that it can bring. So don't let all that commercialization get to you and lets do one season and one holiday at a time and enjoy them the way they are suppose to be enjoyed.

   Looking back at the last of July and the first of August, I think we all can remember the heat and humidity.  It is probably good that we didn't have a lot of drives planned.  On July 29th was the horseless picnic at Wharton Park shelter house. It was hosted by Joe and Ann Bell and Nathan Strasbaugh.  There was a good turnout with 41 people showing up for all the great food and conversation.  Rob Strasbaugh, Joe Bells own personal chef, showed up to man the grill and keep the hot dog and hamburgers a cookin'.  Rob was truly an artist at work.  Even though it was nice in the shade, everyone still did their share to help eat three
freezers of homemade ice cream.  Nathan was in charge of the entertainment and chose a guessing game.  It was name the horse feed. With examples of different horse feed, you were suppose to guess what they were.  Mary Elliot was the winner by guessing all but two correctly.   Good job, Mary. 

  August 11th was the parade at the La Rue Sesquicentennial.  There was a nice reprieve in the weather that made the hour and a half parade enjoyable to watch and to be in. There was a nice group of BSDC members showing up with four turnouts going the parade route.  Roger Higgins had his covered wagon on display for all to see.

  A friendly reminder that September 9th is the Oak Opening drive.  The potluck will be at 1:00 as usual. Barbecue beef sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks will be furnished by the Shaplers.   The directions to Oak Openings are as follows: Take State Route 64 west through Whitehouse to Jeffers Rd.  Turn right.  Go about 1\2 mile and you will come to the horse parking area on the left.

   September  22-23 will be the annual drive at Longaberger Basket at Frazeysburg.  I hope everyone received their information packet that was planning to go. If the weather will cooperate, I'm sure everyone will have an enjoyable and memorable time.

Safety Tip of the Month

   This safety tip is a little different than most.  This one isn't out of a book written by some expert on horses or driving safety, but more on using a little common sense around the barn.   About two months ago I was out in the barn with Katie.  We were doing a little cleaning of stalls and in general just messing around with the ponies.  It was one of those hot muggy days.  Across the yard came our little neighbor girl yelling her greetings to Katie and proceeded to walk into the barn. Really no big deal, she is a nice girl and comes from a nice family with horses.  She is always interested in what we are doing with that pony. Like I said no big deal. Not until I looked down at her feet---no shoes.  I stopped her in her tracks and did not allow her to come any
further into the barn.  It is one thing to get stepped on by even a small pony---OUCH.  What really came to mind was all the germs and bacteria that is in a barn and the infection they could cause if she had even just a small cut on her foot.  So it all goes back to a little common sense, if you cut yourself out in the barn clean it out good, put on an antiseptic and cover it to keep it clean.  A barn is no place to take chances with infections, so let's all play it safe.  Oh, the little girl, don't worry.  Her and Katie ran up to the house and in a minute they came back out.  This time she had her feet covered, with Katie's insulated winter boots.  Kids-you got to love them.


September  3     Art Miller
September 11   Fred Thompson
September 18   Phyllis Schreiner
September 22   Bernetta Huston
September 22   Janet Deck
September 23   Ruth Joseph
September 29   Peggy Graham
October 2        Gerald Racey
October 4        Angela Hohenbrink
October 4        Mary Elliott
October 7        Randy Walker
October 15      Elizabeth Bisel
October 25      Ann Bell
October 25      Mike Yaney
October 25      Cari Boice
October 28      Becky zum Felde
October 30      Louise Kuhlman

Upcoming Events:

*September 9... Drive at Oak Opening hosted by the Shaplers
 September  22-23 Drive at Longaberger
*October 13-14 .. Cornhusker at Upper Sandusky hosted by the Hunters
*November 17... Annual meeting and banquet at Henry's in Kenton
*Denotes club sponsored events