September 2009 BSDC Newsletter

Wow, the year is almost over. Where does the time go? I guess like they
say "Time flies when you are having fun." And we are definately having fun. I
could do without the heat, but we have no control with the weather.
     At the Wyandot County Fairgrounds on August 9th, there was a fun show
being held. They had an open driving class and John Miles took first place in
that catagory.
     I would like to thank everyone who participated in our drive held at the
Hancock County Historical Societies "Backstreet Days."
     The Hancock County Fair is upon us. It is being held on September 2-7th.
There will be all kinds of classes to enter. There is an open pleasure driving
class on September 6th. Good luck to John Miles. I know he always enters
that event. Don't miss the drafthorse pulls on September 5th. That is a
fantastic event to watch.
     The Hardin County Fair is September 8 - 13th. And the Wyandot County
Fair is September 16 - 20th. The Annual Fall Frolic is September 18 - 20th.
That is in Granville, Ohio at Infirmary Mound Park. That is always a big
event, so try to make it if you can.
     Roger and Sue Murray's drive will be held in Tiffin, Ohio on September 27th
at the Coonhunter's Club. East or West you can take US 224 or SR. 53. North
take the turnpike or US 20 to Fremont follow through Tiffin to US 224. So south
on on SR.53 for 5 miles. to CR 6. Look for Camp Glen signs. Turn left on CR 6
and go 0.8 miles to TR 131 that will be the second right. Go 1.5 miles and the
Coonhunters lodge will  be the barn on your left.
     The annual Cornhusker's Festival will be held at the Wyandot County
Fairgrounds on October 10th and 11th. in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. This is
being held the same time as the National Drive in Lexington, Ky. at the
Kentucky Horse Park. Last time I checked we can't be in two places at one
time, so we will have to make a decision on which one we are going to. It
would make life so much easier if we could, but we can't.
     We have decided to have our end of the year banquet at the same place
we had it two years ago. The Plaza in Mount Victory, Oh. Invitations will be
mailed out so you can return them in time before the dinner. Don't forget to
bring an item for our auction. Also for the first time in 21 years, we are
having to raise our club dues. It will be $25.00 for family or single. Sorry
everyone, don't shoot the messenger please.
     As always, if anyone has anything that they would like posted in the
Corral or on our website let Angie or myself know. We would be glad to post
 it. or I
hope everyone is having a great time this summer. Enjoy yourselves and
remember, it is hot outside, keep your horses and yourself hydrated. It is
so easy to become dehydrated it happends so quick. Take precautions. Be