September BSDC 2010 Newsletter

By Stephenie Miles


This is going to be my last article. The club has a newsletter out now that everyone is getting every few months. There is no sense repeating everything twice. There will be another one in the fall coming out.

My husband is having a lot of health issues and some personal problems on my end and working and being reporter and secretary, I have too much going on.

There are a few more drives conuibg us September and our cornhuskers in October. There is a list of dates on the clubs website,

The banquet will be in November. I don't have a date yet, but I'm sure it will be in the next newsletter.

I hope I don't upset anyone, if I do I'm sorry. I really loved writing the article for the Corral and the safety stories and the funny anecdotes I would casually slip in there.

We will finish out our year with the Corral so someone will have to write a little something each month. This wasn't my decision. so please forgive me.

Be safe driving these last few months that we have left and enjoy. Please like I have said before, watch out for cars because a lot of them don't watch out for us.

Thank you for enjoying my articles and giving me this chance to entertain you.