September News, by Fred Thompson

Ahh, September.  I really love this month.  This is when I start to think  about Fall , which is my  favorite time of the year. Comfortable days cool night. The visions of the fall colors taking over the country landscape.    Come on, close your eyes and picture this.  Your hitched up to your favorite horse.Leisurely driving down a quite country road, the cool breeze gently moving through your hair. The road is lined with trees all dressed in their finest colors.   Your horse out front with nose in the air, taking in all the fall fragrance.   You can tell just by his actions that he is enjoying the drive every bit as much as you knowing that--- THERE ISN’T A HORSEFLY IN SIGHT!

   OK now, wake up everyone.  We have some horsing around to talk about.  We have two great drives coming up in September.   The first drive will be on September 11th at Oak Openings.  Michael and Joyce Cook will be hosting this event.  The directions to Oak Openings are as follows:  Take State Route 64 west through Whitehouse to Jeffers Rd.  Turn right.  Go about 1\2 mile and  you will come to the horse parking area on the left.  A potluck dinner will be held at 12:00.  Bratworst and Hamburgers will be furnished.  The drive through the park will follow the meal.

September 24-26 is the Longaberger Carriage Classic at Dresden.  Remember that on Fri. you can be  there as early as 9:00 a.m.  The response has been excellent with 4 driving clubs responding.   It sounds like there will be numerous vehicles just for display along with approximatly 50 turnouts for driving and demonstrations.  Longaberger will be sending out another letter with updated information on any changes  and what is expected from the clubs and its members.   Remember, this is more than just another drive.  This is  an opportunity to promote  the sport of carriage driving and start a lasting relationship with Longabergers.  The PR from events like this can only enhance the chances to get more people interested driving and help the growth of the driving clubs.

Oct 2 & 3 is Heritage Days at Kenton, Ohio.  It will be held at the Yost farm beside the  Hardin County Fairgrounds.  It's located south of Kenton between State Route 31 and State Route 68.  Watch for the Fairground Rd.   Free camping at the Fairgrounds and local motels are available.  The carriage and horses will be kept in the 4-H Horse Barn.  A carriage and sleigh display will be set up outside for those who are interested.  A parade will be held each day at 1:00.   An obstacle course will be set up for anyone interested in testing there skills.   There is plenty of room to drive in and around fairground.  On Sat. night we’ll have a hog roast in the horse barn at 6:00.  Meat and drink will be furnished.   Please bring covered dish or dessert.  Afterwards we will have a small auction to benefit the club.  Bring some small item for the auction if you care.    Should be a fun-filled weekend rain or shine.
For more information contact: Mark & Marla Newman  (419) 675-2843  OR   Gary & Connie Gillfillan (419)675-3257

Joke of the month:
One day in heaven, Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint John were standing
around near the horse paddocks watching the horses frolic.
     "I am certainly bored," stated John.
    "Me too," Paul chimed in.
      Peter stood and watched the horses.  "I know!" Peter began.  "Why
don't we have a horse show?" Paul and John thought that the idea was
great except for one small detail that Paul pointed out. 

"Who are we to compete against, Peter?"  Paul asked.
       The trio pondered a moment when Peter realized the answer.  "We will
call up Satan and invite him to the horse show.  I mean, we have all of the
finest horses here in heaven, all of the World and National Champions are
here.  His stable is ridden with the spoiled, difficult and mean horses.  We
are certain to win at the show!"
        And so the trio calls up Satan on the other realm communication lines
and invited him to their horse show.  Satan laughed and asked why they would
want to be humiliated like that, because he would certainly beat them.
Peter, Paul and John did not understand. "What do you mean Satan?" Peter
asked.  "We have all of the National and World Champion horses in our stable
in heaven. 

How could you possibly beat us?  Satan paused a moment and then laughed.

  "Have you forgotten so soon gentlemen?
I have all the judges!"

Sept. 11--Drive at Oak Openings.  Hosted by Michael and Joyce Cook
Sept. 12- Delaware Horse Parade
Sept. 15-18--CAA Conference
Sept. 24-26-- Longaberger Carriage Classic, Dresden, Oh  (Roger Murray)
Sept. 30--Carriage Auction at Topeka, IN.
Oct.   2-3--Heritage Day at Kenton
Oct.   7—Mt. Hope Carriage Auction, Mt. Hope, Oh.
Oct.   9-10-- Corn Huskers at Wyandot Fairgrounds (John Hunter)
Nov. 12-13- Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa.
Nov. 20—Annual Dinner, Sauders Barn Restaurant, Archibold, Oh