September 2002 BSDC News

By Fred Thompson


Nathan Strasbaugh and his pony Kate after a successful day at the Ohio State Fair

   Hi everyone.  Here we are in September but don't worry.  There is plenty of time for driving.  I just hope that by the time you read this that the weather has finally decided to be on our side for awhile. I just can't believe how hot is has been.  Wait-Wait-Wait!  What's this? Right in the middle of writing this, the weather changes.  How can I complain about how hot and humid it is, when it isn't?  I guess that's where the term " Changeable as the weather" comes from.  Just between
you and me, I'll take the 80's and the low humidity anytime.  At least now you can hitch up and not feel sorry for your horse

   By now you probably know that our horse-less picnic was canceled. No! It wasn't my fault.  It seems that our very own Nathan Strasbaugh had qualified for State 4-H competition in pleasure driving and reinmanship.  The competition was Monday so Nathan had to be down at Columbus Sunday evening.  The Bell and Strasbaugh just thought it would be too much of a hussle-bussle to have the picnic and still get Nathan down to Columbus that evening.  

   I'm pleased to announce that Nathan placed 5th in pleasure driving and 6th in reinmanship.  Way to go Nathan.  I figure anytime you can place in State level competition, you've had a very successful year.  By the way, this was the first time he has shown at the State Fair.  I would say that that is pretty impressive.

    We will be having two drives this month.  The first drive will be September 8th at Malabar Farms.  Mary Elliot will be hosting this drive again this year.  Mary will be furnishing hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks for the 1:00 potluck.  The big difference over last year is that Mary couldn't get the tent but will have the Pugh Cabin instead.

  To get to Malabar Farm: Take SR 30 east through Mansfield to a small town called Mifflin.  Turn south on 603.  This takes you right to Malabar Farm.  Watch for the signs to the cabin.

    Our second drive for the month will be hosted by Roger and Susan Murray.  The Western Reserve Carriage Association in which the Murrays are also members will join us on this drive. I'm sure there are many members from both clubs that already know each other, so this will be a great time for the rest of us to get aquatinted with some new and
interesting people.  So make sure we mingle and show our hospitality that we are noted for. 

   The drive will be at the Sandusky River Coonhunters Lodge, Sunday, September 15th.  The potluck dinner will be at 12:00 noon.

   The directions to the drive are as follows.  From east or west, take US 224 to SR 53 just South of Tiffin.  If coming from the north, take turnpike or US 20 to Fremont interchange, which is SR53 and follow that until you have gone through Tiffin and come to US 224.   Go South on SR 53 for 5.0 miles to CR 6.  Look for the Camp Glen signs. Turn left (east) on CR 6 and go 0.8 miles to TR 131.  Again you will see Camp Glen signs, plus a Walnut Grove Campground sign.  Travel on TR 131 for 1.5 miles.  Sandusky River Coonhunters Lodge (7575 TR 131) is the big barn on the left.  Plenty of parking, restrooms, etc. Drinks will be provided.  The drive will be between 4.5 and 6.5 miles (your choice of
routes) along the Sandusky River on country roads.  No big hills, no railroad tracks. One bridge on the longer run.  Both routes can take you to Howard Collier Scenic Nature Park, which has great hiking.  In fact, if you cannot bring a horse, come for the potluck, and then go to the park for a nice walk.

   Just keep in mind that our Annual Banquet will be coming up November 16th so mark your calendar and keep that date open.  It's always a fun time and a wonderful evening.


September 3    Art Miller
September 11 Fred Thompson
September 18 Phyllis Schreiner

September 22 Bernetta Huston
September 22 Janet Deck

September 23 Ruth Joseph
September 29 Peggy Graham


October 2 Gerald Racey

October 4 Angela Hohenbrink
October 4 Mary Elliott

October 7 Randy Walker
October 15 Elizabeth Bisel

October 25 Ann Bell

October 25 Mike Yaney
October 25 Cari Boice

October 28 Becky zum Felde
October 30 Louise Kuhlman


*Sept. 8          Drive at Malabar Farm, hosted by Mary Elliott
*Sept 15         Drive hosted by the Murray's at Melmore
  Oct 4            Carriage Auction at Topeka, Ind.
*Oct 12 -13     Cornhuskers with the Hunters
*Oct 27           Drive hosted by the Newmans
*Nov. 16         Annual Banquet and Meeting at Schnipke Inn in Ottawa, Ohio

* Denotes a club sponsored event