BSDC September 2003 Newsletter

By Roger Higgins, Jr.

Hi Black Swampers. We are really having a great time this year! This has been a busy time of the year for us. I would like to start the report with comments from the C.A.A. Conference held in Lexington, Kentucky. We had a fine representation from the Black Swamp Driving Club. There were around 23 members at the Conference. It was nice to see that many from our club. I will have to say, it was a weekend to remember. I think we all enjoyed this event. The Kentucky Horse Park is always beautiful, and made such a great place for the Conference. There isn't anyway I can begin to cover what took place. Not only was this a sight to be seen, but it was educational as well. Our club members Roger and Sue Murray were there working diligently to help keep things going. Roger is on the board of directors, so he was a busy person. There is a lot of time that goes into this, and I for one thank them for all their efforts. Well, from beautiful Kentucky to the 4th of July parade in Kenton. Believe me, we had a BIG BANG at this one! The potluck was fine, the day started out to be a fine sunny day, but... in the middle of the parade, mother nature put on a fireworks display of her own! There were some of us that were soaked. The storm moved thru the area very quickly, the people in the parade were trying to get back to the fairgrounds, and the people at the fairgrounds were trying to recover the potluck items. So, if someone is missing a dish, its in a pickup truck somewhere. It was a nice time, Gary and Connie Gillfillan hosted this drive. We had a good time, it takes more than a storm to dampen the Swampers.

 It's time to move to upcoming drives. Our next drive is July 27th in Wharton, Ohio, hosted by Joe and Ann Bell. The potluck will start at 1:00 and the drive will follow. The directions are as follows: From Rt. 30 take SR 293 N. past the cemetery, turn left at 1st St. The park is on the left hand side.  On August the 24th we have a drive at Larry and Sandy Young's near Bucyrus, Ohio. To find Larry and Sandy's place, take State Route 19 and 100 southeast out of Bucyrus.  Route 100 will split from Route 19 about l mile out of Bucyrus and go south
Go about l mile down Route 100 and you should be there.  The address is 1758 State Route 100. There is a potluck starting at 1:00. For more details call 419-562-4712. We now have confirmation on the drive at Malabar Farm. The date is September 14th, the potluck will be at 1:00. This drive is hosted by Mary Elliott and Linda Spears. Here are the directions,  To get to Malabar Farm: Take SR 30 east through Mansfield to a small town called Mifflin.  Turn south on 603.
this takes you right to Malabar Farm.  Watch for the signs. Note, this is a drive, not just a meeting. Those who wish to drive thru this scenic area are welcome to do so. We are meeting at the Pugh log cabin for the potluck. We have more drives coming up, I will report those in the next Corral. What a great year so far, we are looking forward to our upcoming events. As you can see we have been very busy so far this year.   Enjoy!