September 2012


Fall is here, but the Black Swamp Driving Club has a very busy event calendar for the remaining driving season. We have added a new drive and updated some events already confirmed with new information.

Here is the list of remaining drives and events for the club:

Parker Bridge Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, September 16. (Confirmed)

Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, OH, September 23. (Confirmed)

Hite's Log Cabin Drive, Kenton, OH, October 6. (Confirmed)

Mohican Wilderness Drive, Loudenville, OH, October 19, 20 and 21. (Confirmed)

Vail Meadows-Maumee State Park Drive, Oregon, OH, October 28. (Confirmed)

Annual Banquet, November 11, Royal Buffet, Findlay, OH (Confirmed)

Christmas on the Farm, Kenton, OH, December. (Confirmed)

Please watch the BSDC Newsletter for updates and confirmations of driving events and activities. Some events may be confirmed or changed at the last minute and I may not have to get the information in the article.

The Annual Banquet has been confirmed. It will be held at the Royal Buffet in Findlay, Ohio on November 11th. The buffet has something for everyone, even beef and other entrees for the landlovers. We will meet at 5:30 and dinner will begin at 6:00 p.m.. We are having the auction again this year, so everyone please bring your donated items to make this a success and a fun part of the activities. The Board of Directors have some other ideas to make this a great year end event, so please plan to attend.

We have added a new drive as well. The Emmons and Higgins Families are hosting the Mohican Wilderness Drive in Loudenville, Ohio. This area is truly a beautiful and relaxing. It’s a great place to drive. The club has often talked about a 2 day event, so we have submitted this drive to see how it is received.  We can arrive on the evening of October the 19th, and we have the rest of the weekend at the campground. We have places reserved for camping and the horses can stay with you at the trailer. There are 2 hotels located near the drive location for those who don’t want to camp. The drive location is right along the Mohican River. The BSDC newsletter will have more details and directions. If anyone has questions regarding the drive please call Julie Emmons at 740-361-3885 or Roger Higgins Jr. at 740-251-7193.

There is new information regarding the Maumee Bay Sleigh Festival. There are new flyers that just came out, so watch for details and updates of this event in the newsletter.

If anyone has pictures of club activites please send them to me via email.  I know there are several members that takes pictures, so please send to my email address. If anyone has any news that you would like to place in the article, please email me at or call-me at 740-251-7193.

The club always extends an open invitation to the public to come and join us. We do have a good time and always keep safety a priority. We have alot going on, so come and check us out.

This is all the news that I have for this month. If there is something you need to add or would like to see in the article, please let me know.